Taste & Luxury -

the home of "Onsen" and shogi pieces, Tendou Grand Hotel Maizurusou

Taste: A liking for particular flavors or things; the ability to discern good quality.
Luxury: A state of great comfort; a pleasure obtained only rarely.

Relax and enjoy richly flavored food and abundant hot water. At this high-quality spa, with its premium Yamagata beef and the finest quality and most copious "Onsen" in Tendou Onsen, experience hospitality that will leave a lasting impression on your mind and body.

Features of Maizurusou

Local cuisine made with quality ingredients

We deliver only the best selection of Yamagata Beef.

Tendou, the home of hot springs and shogi pieces (Japanese chess pieces). Since it was opened in 1990, the Tendou Grand Hotel Maizurusou has been popular with many guests as the “hotel where you can eat delicious Yamagata beef.” You can dine on our hotel’s specialty cuisine, Please enjoy Yamagata beef selected by craftsman's eyes.

High-quality rice is grown, harvested, and polished in our hotel’s rice fields.

The rice harvested from our own rice fields is stored in the Yukimuro facility in Murayama. Yukimuro is a cold storage facility that uses snow collected in winter, where the interior temperature and humidity are kept constant, and it is possible to maintain food in its freshly harvested condition. So it is delicious throughout the four seasons. Furthermore, we polish the rice ourselves only as it is needed, so you can taste delicious and freshly prepared rice.

Features of Maizurusou

Abundant, free flowing Onsen! 

Opened a century ago and used with affection for many years, our “hot spring for beautiful skin.”

Tendou Onsen is the most famous hot spring in Yamagata Prefecture. It is said to have been discovered by well diggers in 1911 (Year 44 of the Meiji Era). For many years it has been used with affection for the “hot spring for beautiful skin,” whose sodium/calcium sulfate hot spring water still flows copiously even after more than a century.

Tendou Onsen, the best water flow bathing 24 hours a day

Our hotel’s hot spring has the best flow of water in Tendou Onsen (45 liters/minute). It is 100% free flowing hot spring water. With no temperature control, no added water or heat, it flows steadily thanks to the power of nature. At any time, day or night, you can always relax and enjoy hot spring bathing.

About our food

The heights of flavor come from the selection of our ingredients.

The greatest appeal of our hotel is certainly the deliciousness of our food. And above all, our greatest pride is "YAKINIKU" of Yamagata beef. Please be sure to taste the deliciousness that comes from the fact that we manage everything from farm to kitchen.

About our guest rooms

Enjoy the finest comfort in a relaxed space based on harmony.

Based on the Japanese sense of harmony, a variety of rooms in different styles await your stay. Depending on the number of guests and your choice of plan, we will prepare rooms that will be sure to satisfy you. In the precious moments that you will spend at our hotel, we will be delighted if you can relax and put your body and mind at ease.

Introducing our plans

Most popular! Standard Total Satisfaction Plan with Yamagata beef!

Our hotel’s popular Standard Plan
Enjoy a meal of Yamagata Wagyu beef steak + beef shabu-shabu + seared beef.
Please enjoy marbled, soft, melt-in-your-mouth Yamagata beef.
Selection of 14 menu items of Yamagata beef!

13,000yen per person (taxes not included)

Hot Spring Tax 150yen
Tax 10%

The rate is an additional 1,500yen (tax not incl.) on Fridays, 2,000yen (tax not incl.) on Saturdays or the day before national holidays. Reservations should be for two or more persons.


For guests coming by car, we have arranged parking to accommodate 350 cars in the area’s best parking lots. If taking the train, it is six stops from Yamagata Station, and takes only 20 minutes! If traveling by airplane, we are very conveniently located a 10-minute drive from Yamagata Airport.